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  • Why Lord Polonius (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene III) would have conducted a truly successful search.
  • What your search should have in common with things as common as NaCIO (household bleach).
  • How to have “meaningful conversations” on the ride from the Ground Floor to the Third Floor…it can actually lead to the Penthouse Suite.
  • Mining You Acres of Diamonds (Connecting that matters)
  • What you can learn from late night infomercials that will change your life. (Would they be on air if they didn’t work?)
  • Why you should consider the works of Van Gogh, Renior et. al before you write a resume.
  • What Voltaire, the French philosopher can teach about your interviewing success?
  • Following up…(the fortune is in the “follow up”)
  • What’s your job-fair strategy?
  • How to dress for a phone interview



You should know that the concepts I share and teach are far from unique, (as you can see I’m quoting Hamlet, talking about the formula for common household bleach etc, etc)

What I have done though is taken the essence of the thousands of conversations I’ve had with people going through their lives, careers and job searches and picked the best techniques, eliminated the pitfalls (remember, what you should avoid will help you as much as what you should seek out) and built a system that if executed systematically and with conviction will get you far closer, far more quickly to what you truly are looking for than anything else you’ve EVER tried.

Let’s be honest, if you were happy in your career, if your job search was bringing you the exact success you desired, would you be reading this right now? Well, the answer is obvious, but I’ll leave that one up to you to think through .

My hope and the single goal of www.jobologist.com is to shorten the string to the “true North” of your career direction and success!

There’s nothing to lose but time and as Charles Schultz once said of Peanuts’ fame;
“It’s already tomorrow in Australia”!