Like the many people who have been helped by Barry,
I feel fortunate to know him and recommend his services without reservations.
Robert D. Haas
Chairman of the Board Emeritus
Levi-Strauss & Co


(Barry) has a deep respect and understanding of people, and always puts their needs, strengths and interests first.
Martin Weinstein
Executive Director
Bay Area Community Resources


I could not recommend anyone more highly than Barry.
What you will soon learn is that you will develop a relationship with
Barry that will endure and a relationship that will go beyond the
bounds of just business and grow into a trusted friendship.
Mike Anthofer
Tessera Technologies, Inc


“I’ve worked with Barry on a number of fronts, including recruiter and advisor. He has unparalleled integrity and insight. These attributes are invaluable particularly in these times. I highly recommend Barry to anyone who needs help in finding people and who need career advice. He is straightforward, honest, and helpful. He will make the time for you. And, you can trust him.”

Philip Moody, Partner Capius Consulting, Pacific Dragon LLC


Hi, Barry,
I know Dave has been telling you about this bio from the Monte Vista Basketball program.
You’ll be happy to note that Tyler was the only player that did not credit his parent(s) as his most influential person. That honor went to you. Want to pay for his college? ;)!
Bye for now,


Barry is kind and selfless to the point where he devotes a huge amount of
time, thought and effort to helping me improve my mental fortitude and confidence,
while his only reward can be my gratitude and seeing my improvement.
For this reason I look at our relationship firstly with tremendous appreciation and feel ridiculously lucky to know him..
Henri Landes
University of California, Davis
Phi Beta Kappa 2008
Varsity Tennis, 2nd Team All Big West Conference


Dear Barry:
I was very impressed with your enthusiasm & coaching skills.
Men like you served a great need in my life & I applaud you for your devotion
Dale Brown
Hall of Fame Basketball Coach


I worked with Barry when he offered his services for free for the AmeriCorps Alums Professional Development Series. Barry is an excellent coach! He is personable, knowledgeable and motivating. While he was volunteering his expertise to the AmeriCorps Alums, you could tell he truly cared for our future and wanted to help each of us produce results. Having experienced Barry’s methods and techniques, I would definitely recommend hiring Barry.” June 29, 2009                   Angelina Moya
Barry as a Career Coach in 2009


“Barry has not only helped me successfully land a job but, he has also provided hard critiques and positive coaching that have helped me find a meaningful, self-actualizing, and financially rewarding career.” February 16, 2009                          Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative                                                                                                         Pete Maher


“Barry’s extensive knowledge in the areas of professional coaching enables him to be highly effective in facilitating change and improvement for individuals as well as organizations. . I’ve found Barry to be easy to work with, and his engaging teaching style is results driven. His integrity is of the highest order and one of his finest qualities.” January 22, 2009

Kevin Lee , Principal, STAT Revenue Consulting
was with another company when working with Barry at Barry C. Kleiman & Associates


“Yes, Barry is great, but equally important is that you will enjoy working with him. Very quickly, Barry ends up knowing who you are and is generous enough to share his tremendous insight about what you bring to the party as well as opportunity options. Most value add recruiter, ever. Emotionally intelligent and a wonderful human being” January 19, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Teresa Conville
hired Barry as a Business Consultant in 1988, and hired Barry more than once


“Bringing the best out of people is what Barry Kleiman is about and has been about for his entire life. His ability to coach, and inspire people to reach their potential has been amply demonstrated throughout his professional career. His keen insight and human touch is evidenced in all of his relationships, a key asset in helping organizations advance their goals. I’ve known Barry for a very long time. My experience with him throughout has been extraordinarily positive and productive. He makes a difference in the lives he touches. Aligning with Barry Kleiman is a recommendation I can make wholeheartedly.

Donna Orender (former) President, Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)

“I have relied on Barry’s advice as a business coach and mentor for many years. Barry knows how to discover what is Unique about each person and how to help them Capitalize on that strength. Barry is optimistic, but also practical and realistic about helping you clarify your goals and objectives. Most importantly, Barry will help to keep you preoccupied and focused on a better future. I trust Barry because of his Integrity (He tells the truth and keep his word) his maturity (He respects the emotions of others) and his ability to energize people. Anyone will benefit from knowing and working with Barry.” January 2, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Dana Shertz – Entrepreneur, Former President, MacGregor Golf
hired Barry as a Business Consultant in 1998, and hired Barry more than once


“I had the honor and privilege to work with Barry to create the first JCC Maccabi Delegation at the Contra Costa Jewish Community Center in August 2008. Barry, better known as ‘Coach Barry’, is one of the most inspirational, compassionate, intelligent, and dedicated individuals I have ever met. Barry holds himself to the highest level of personal morals and character and inspires others to do the same. He truly made a difference in the lives of the basketball team he coached and gained the much deserved respect of parents, professionals, and other players and coaches. It would be an honor to not only work with Barry again, but continue to learn from his strong and compassionate leadership style.” December 20, 2008

Judith Markowitz , Director, Jewish Life Programs , Contra Costa JCC