Ready Set GOals 2014…a tale of four Teachers

Teacher List:


  1. Llewyn Davis – (aka Dave Van Ronk)
  2. Spike Humer
  3. Gary Ryan Blair – (aka The Goals Guy)
  4. Stephen Covey


I’d like to tell you exactly where this idea came from but cannot exactly do so, though, the title of this post is as close to my explanation as I can garner in as few words

The roots of the “Ready Set Goals webinar I’m conducting is essentially an amalgamation of  numerous thoughts flying through my brain though ultimately triggered by the time of year and of all things by the new Coen Brothers movie “Inside the Mind of Llewyn Davis”.

My son is a comedy writer, an aspiring film-maker and a huge fan of the Coen Brothers work.

He was very excited to share with me a few months ago that the character “Llewyn Davis” created by the Coens is loosely based on an old New York folk guitar player named Dave Van Ronk.  (He knew that way back when, I had the great fortune of studying guitar with Dave…maybe he was happy to know the music he heard coming from my guitar for all of the years of his youth finally had some relevance!)


My wife and I went to see the movie 10 days ago and both while watching the film and since I’ve become transfixed with those times…the hours I spent with Dave…his teachings…his persona and all that it all still means to me.


A few years back (Spike Humer) a teacher of mine shared with me how he spends New Years Day and from that moment on I was struck by just how much sense…just how fabulously pragmatic this M.O. is…

Spike sequesters himself in a hotel room with his “mastermind group” and discusses just WHAT he endeavors to accomplish in the coming months, WHY those things are important to him as well as potentially HOW to make it all happen.

Now, one might say “So what…we all make New Years ‘resolutions'”

However, resolutions are not what’s being discussed here…we’re talking about GOALS

Everything I know about this critically important tool I learned from a guy named Gary Ryan Blair while taking his 100 Day Challenge three years ago

Resolutions are defined as

a firm decision to do or not to do something.

synonyms: intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, plan;

GOALS might seem to have a similar definition up except for one key difference…purpose!

Purpose might also be called the “WHY”

Real GOALS have three very distinct components: WHAT, WHY and HOW

synonyms: objective, aim, end, target, design, intention, intent, plan, purpose;

We all known that most New Years “resolutions” are broken before the month of January ends, however,  people who understand and set (SMART) goals are far more likely to achieve them then those folks simply stating “resolutions”…

There needs to be a plan…a specific plan and a genuine purpose

If you doubt that or if you don’t understand just how much power exists in setting SMART goals please feel free to join me (at no cost to you whatsoever) on Saturday 1/4/14 the first Saturday of the New Year at noon Pacific Time…

For somewhere between 75-90 minutes (or as long as it takes) I’m going to share with you everything I learned about GOALS

  • Understanding what a GOAL really is (each one must have a WHAT, a WHY and then a HOW)
  • Setting real GOALS
  • Ultimately achieving those GOALS…the SMART way





Time-bound ways to achieve exactly…

I mentioned earlier that I learned all of this from Gary Ryan Blair during an iteration of his 100 Day Challenge.

I won’t take time here to espouse GRB’s formidable resume other than to say that some of the largest, most well-known companies and institutions in the world pay him handsomely to share his expertise on this highly leveragable skill.

So…if you’re really interested in starting the year as a guest in my SMART GOALS workshop please let me know by signing up in the box on the right hand side of the page.

If you do sign up though…please honor your commitment.

I’m taking the time and spending the dime to do this for two simple reasons…

1. The fourth teacher I mentioned, Stephen R. Covey once stated that the best way to learn something is to teach that subject…

Though I’m far, far better at the skill of goal setting and achieving than I was a few years ago I know I can always be better so I’ll be working on getting better that day by teaching what I know.

2. Many friends, colleagues, family and clients I know have rarely if ever participated in a formal coaching/training program.

Because this particular program is being produced by a person they trust there’s a better chance than ever that they just might give this a go, which frankly will not only add value to their lives but (because I’ll be the value provider) will make me feel pretty darn good…particularly if I didn’t otherwise get them a gift for the holidays.

The call will be recorded in the event that the time doesn’t work for you but please know that I am planning on having no more than 50 people participate “live” on the call so please…if you do commit to joining us make it a goal…commit to it

(Part of the early stage grounding material of the 100 Day Challenge is a document called

The Integrity Pledge which among other states:

  • If you make a commitment honor it
  • If you make a promise keep it
  • If you set a goal achieve it

Integrity Pledge:

Ready…Set…GOals…Resolve to set and achieve your goals the SMART way for 2014

Please let me know if I can help in any way…

Happy, healthy New Year to you and yours!



Every year around this time GRB shares numerous videos, exercises and thought provoking messages all designed to help one examine themselves and just how one uses (or misuses) their precious time. Feel free to check them out here


Obviously he ultimately endeavors to enlist the listener in the “100 Day Challenge” (the cost of which is minimal particularly when compared to the value created but there’s no charge…to view and learn from the videos and tutorials he shares leading up to the Challenge starting.



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