Years ago, back in 1983, before Apple became what it was destined to have become Steve Jobs knew he needed leadership that, at the time, was outside of his scope of interest and/or expertise.

He sought out a guy named John Scully who was then was running PepsiCo.

There’s quite a bit of backstory to this which I won’t go into here…I want to cut to the chase…I really am appreciative of your time…

Jobs, in trying to close the deal asked Scully the following now somewhat famous question:

“Do you want to make sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to be a part of history?”

I’ve filled hundreds and hundreds of jobs in my 40 plus years in search…have counseled countless others toward career success and job search sanity BUT, never once, until now have been able to ask that type question!

Through a series of events and relationships forged over time, last week, (Wednesday 5/14/14 to be exact) I was asked to assist a very high profile non-profit with their very high impact mission, that, if reached, will change all of our lives and our children’s children’s lives for the better!

The jobs are not the type of jobs I’ve traditionally filled…

They are far more modern era roles

Each of which will have their own contribution to be a part of history

If you’re aware of anyone with these skills, have history changing motives burning at their core and are able to work in downtown SF please reach out to them and or me…

I know I’d be grateful, I think they will be beyond grateful and, hopefully we’ll all be grateful when things are completely said and done.

Thanks for reading, thanks in advance for any referrals and once again please let me know if my sharing these type of opportunities is an imposition to you in any way…
My best,

P.S. I’m seeking a Press Secretary for these folks as
well…one who has experience in some political forums
is desired…nothing happens it seems without some good,
old-fashioned political positioning

P.P.S. Laurene Powell Jobs (Steve’s widow) is a member of this organization’s board…an ironic coincidence considering the story above

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