I’ve made little secret to not just my clients but frankly anyone willing to listen about my thoughts on LinkedIn…

The image you see above was sent to me earlier today via email from LinkedIn…

I had no idea about the number of views of my LinkedIn profile but am thrilled to be able to share this as anecdotal evidence that my affections are well placed.

The cynic will consider the image above braggadocious…I’m simply telling the TRUTH

The Truth Will Set You & Your Career Free

(Here’s a link to a rant on the same subject I made a while back)

LinkedIn is a brilliant, amazingly powerful, amazingly practical, amazingly successful tool that, when put to proper use has the ability to leverage your networking efforts beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my 40 years in executive search and career strategy business.

Bombastic…over the top comments?

Last week, their stock price hit an all time high; I’m hardly the only who thinks it’s “cool”!

LinkedIn soars to record stock price after earnings report impresses

By Jeremy C. Owens

Finally…I mentioned the concept of “strategy” and whether or not you have one for your LinkedIn use.

Like most things in life that are worthy of your time, having a strategy for it has far higher leverage than random acts or, in this case a lackluster LinkedIn profile.

(In my opinion you’re far better off having no LinkedIn presence whatsoever than having one that’s half-baked or oozing with apathy…people see it regardless!)

This link is to the “white paper” I most related to for my own presence on LinkedIn…I’m not selling it…I get no royalties for it’s promotion, I just think it’s extremely well thought out.

DO NOT LET THE TITLE FOOL YOU…the overall concept is you get when you give!

My network on LinkedIn is open…if you’re interested in my sharing it with you feel free to be LinkedIn with me as I accept all “open networkers”









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