Hamlet – Act I,  Scene 3

Lord Polonius to Laertes;

This above all, to thine own self be true” 

The very essence of everything that reflects all that is shared on jobologist.com is reflected in those 9 words

This podcast and the ensuing “The Truth about…” series will describe just why and how those five letter are the key to career success and job search sanity.

Simply stated…it’s your choice!

Know what matters most, why it matters to you and begin to build your life and career around  what Dr. Stephen Covey called “True North” and what I’m simply going to call the TRUTH.

Can it be done?

Well that’s ultimately up to you to decide (I’m certain it can).

Nothing of the kind of course will happen until you define your TRUTH …

Once defined, written and validated with a good, strong, sincere “why” design assistance as to “how can be found here, within the program:

How the Truth Will Set You & Your Career Free

Whether it’s deciding on a path to embark upon from a career perspective (or things so simple as what you want for dinner tonight, where you’re headed when you next get into your car etc) your arrival at the correct place has an infinitely higher chance of occurring if you start with THE TRUTH.

Hoping you enjoy this episode and the rest of the (“How the Truth Will Set You & Your Career Free”) series…

Wishing you TRUE career success and job search sanity!

All comments welcome!

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